Check our frequently asked questions!

  • How should I read the "Best Before Date" on your bags?

     Here's a quick view on how to understand the dates.

  • Is it normal to find food crumbs at the bottom of the bag?

    Yes, it is perfectly normal. As for all dry food products sold in bags, the friction between food pieces during transport or handling can sometimes cause small breakages. Just think of your breakfast cereal or chips. Inevitably, there are smaller broken pieces at the bottom of the bag.


    We pay particular attention to finding solutions that minimize the crumbling effect in our pet foods. Quality checks are done on each produced lot to make sure we always stay within the accepted food industry standard, in terms of the amount of crumbs obtained.

  • What if I'm not fully satisfied with your product?

    All Pronature products are subject to our satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, whatever the reason, you can return it to your retailer for an exchange or refund. Just make sure that the product is in its original packaging (with more than half of its content) and bring the sales receipt.

    This policy allows you to try a new formula worry-free! Check out all the details on our site.

  • Can I get free samples?

    Unfortunately, we do not send samples by mail for testing purposes, because of logistical reasons... We know that free trial formats are usually too small to properly test the product. It’s impossible to know if the animal truly likes it or whether it will have positive effects in relation to its specific needs. Moreover, since it is important to make a gradual 5 to 7-day transition period when switching formulas, it is essential to have a sufficient amount of food so that the test can be carried out correctly.


    Therefore, the best option is to get a small sized bag in a retail store and try it risk free, thanks to our satisfaction guaranteed policy!


    If you or your pet are not completely satisfied with the tried product, you can return it to your retailer with your sales receipt (in the original packaging and with more than half of it left), in order to obtain an exchange or a full refund. It's that easy!

  • Can I still feed my pet with your food after the expiry date?

    We can guarantee the freshness of a product until the expiry date written on the bag only. After this date, we are unable to determine if this product can be consumed without risk tp pet's health. 

    One thing is certain, as time goes, it increases the likelihood that some products will be rancid. The level of vitamins may have gone down and the taste may be altered over time, drastically reducing palatability and overall performance of the food.

    We do not recommend to offer our foods beyond this expiry date.