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Founded in 1969, PLB International is a family-owned and operated Canadian company that makes high-end dry pet foods for cats and dogs. Indeed, the sense of family which lies at the heart of our corporate culture and business practices is what has enabled us to forge such successful relationships with our partners and clients.

PLB International thinks differently, using finesse and innovation to make the most functional and nutritious gourmet pet food products on the market. Our team of nutritionists and extrusion specialists work diligently every day to create formulas recognized for their exceptional quality and irresistible taste.

Our production processes are subject to strict quality controls at our lab, the heart of our business, where all our raw materials and finished products are carefully analyzed from A to Z.

Our formulas for all of our brands, including Pronature Original, are continually evaluated and compared to the best brands on the market so they stand out from the crowd in over 30 countries worldwide.

To learn more about PLB International, visit www.plbint.com.