Who we are

Pronature Original

Modern food for today’s pets

These days, not everyone sees their pet’s nutrition the same way. At Pronature Holistic, we happen to believe that your pets are an integral part of the family and that they deserve to eat just as well as you do. Our philosophy is simple: we’re committed to meeting the needs of modern pets.

There’s no question that today’s cats and dogs have their own needs based on their lifestyle, one that often mirrors that of their owners. Modern pets certainly don’t lead the same lives they did 100 years ago. Between car rides and trips to the park, your pets probably spend a lot of time lounging in the sun, chasing their tail and snoozing on the sofa, a modern reality that must be taken into consideration at mealtime.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to get owners to focus on their pets’ true needs by offering them balanced, exceptional quality products, made with fresh, natural and organic ingredients.

A team of pet lovers

Pronature Holistic is a natural holistic pet food brand made in North America, by highly qualified nutritional experts. PLB International, the family-owned company that makes this exceptional brand, feels privileged to feed your pets the best formulas on the market. We take pride in making innovative products that promote your pets’ health and well-being.

Being family-oriented people who love cats and dogs, PLB International employees understand the bond that exists between humans and their pets. We get how important people’s pets are to their daily lives and know better than anyone what types of foods cats and dogs need and prefer. And that’s what makes Pronature Holistic so different. More than a pet food brand, we’re the culmination of 40 years of passion for, and dedication to, pets.

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Our pledge

Because we care about your pets’ happiness and well-being, everything we do is guided by three professional commitments which are carved in stone:

  • Quality always comes first
    As we export Pronature Holistic products in over 20 countries around the world, we follow strict quality standards, including HAACP and those established by the AAFCO and the European Union, to name a few.

  • Honesty and transparency
    We never distort the facts to sell more products. Pronature Holistic is all about honesty and transparency, so you can be sure that what we say about our products is 100% true and is promoted to better inform and serve you.

  • 100% satisfaction
    Not only is your complete satisfaction important to us but so is that of your pets because they’re the ones who eat our products. That’s why our goal is to keep them satisfied, just as well as you!

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