The Best Recipes

Our Best Recipes

Because fine dining isn’t just for people…

Pronature Holistic is the perfect brand for people who appreciate gourmet food, who think that variety is the spice of life, and who want to share their passion for great meals with their cats and dogs. We offer a variety of unique and modern gourmet recipes that are sure to make the finickiest pet salivate with pleasure!

  • Chicken & Sweet Potato Formula;
  • Atlantic Salmon & Brown Rice Formula;
  • Duck & l'Orange Formula;
  • Turkey & Cranberries Formula;
  • Oceanic White Fish & Wild Rice Formula.

Pronature Holistic’s finger-licking good foods:

  • are made with superior quality ingredients, with fresh chicken, turkey, duck or fish as the 1st ingredient in every recipe;
  • are highly digestible because they contain no meat by-products, corn, wheat or soy;
  • contain a unique blend of natural ingredients as well as essential vitamins and minerals;
  • contain natural preservatives that guarantee their freshness.

Because our products are made with the most complete, the most delectable and the highest quality ingredients, your pets get to enjoy succulent feasts that also promote a long and healthy life.

You get peace of mind, and they get to eat what makes them as happy and healthy as can be!

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